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Don Climento’s Quantum Sandbox: Episode 1

I’m pleased to present to you something created by my best friend Clint Franklin—a sketch comedy oddity podcast entitled “Don Climento’s Quauntum Sandbox”. This was entirely written and produced by Clint whose talent is very multi-faceted, but he never ends up publishing anything :P I have managed to beat out of him this fine production, please give it a listen (HTML5 audio below the picture) and consider subscribing to the RSS feed for updates.

For the last nearly 10 years that I’ve known Clint he has been stuck on a 28.8 Kbps dial-up connection. Yes, 28 K. Because of where he lives, there’s no hope of getting broadband over the phone lines and 3G or satellite costs are $60/mo and that’s without equipment. It took an hour and a half for him to send me 13 minutes of audio.

In addition to your comments, questions, insults, threats, and legal warnings, please also consider donating via PayPal to help improve the show at Clint’s email!

Don Climento’s Quantum Sandbox