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<h1>A List of People Who Need to Stop Writing Software</h1>
	<strong>Disclaimer:</strong><br />
	I’m a Mac user, who fixes PCs for a living
	<dt id="">Sony</dt>
		New Sony laptops come with two pages in the Add/Remove list of just Sony junk.<br />
		They are also the authors of one of the worst pieces of software ever, SonicStage.
	<dt id=""><dfn title="Internet service provider">ISP</dfn>s</dt>
		I pay you to put a cable in my house, and let me send things up and down it; no more.<br />
		I don’t want your useless anti-virus products. I don’t want your “Desktop Help” applications. I
		don’t want your tray icons. I don’t want your proprietary browsers. I don’t want an e-mail address
		with you. I don’t want your website as my home page. I don’t want your help when I typo a domain name.
	<dt id="">Symantec</dt>
		Somewhere along the line you decided to protect people from their own computer, rather than protect the
		computer itself. You have never once written a piece of software that didn’t slow a machine down to a
		painful crawl. Every machine I have come across that has had Norton on it, has had a virus and multiple
		spywares still there. Your product is so bad, its own uninstaller does not work. You sell a false sense of
		security, nothing more.
	<dt id="">McAfee</dt>
		Your product is slow, useless, impossible to configure and relies upon passwords, activation and Internet
		Explorer just to do its job. It fails on every level.
	<dt id="">Printer manufacturers</dt>
		A Printer driver is a folder with one ‘.ini’ file, and a couple of ‘.dll’s and that’s it.<br />
		It is not a 50 <abbr title="meg">MB</abbr> download. It is not an IE Toolbar, and Side Pane. It is not
		half-baked photo software. It is not a splash screen when your computer starts. It is not a tray icon.
	<dt id="">Yahoo</dt>
		If Microsoft bought you, your software would actually improve.<br />
		The Yahoo Toolbar is like <abbr>AIDS</abbr>. You have to be careful what software you download, otherwise
		you’re bound to get it from <a href="http://ccleaner.com" rel="nofollow external">one</a>
		<a href="http://java.com" rel="nofollow external">of</a>
		<a href="http://google.co.uk/search?q=includes+Yahoo+Toolbar">them</a> along the line.
	<dt id="">Nokia, and other phone manufacturers</dt>
		You seem to be under the impression that you are the only piece of software on the computer. You’re happy
		to rear your ugly face at every boot. You make a simple thing like syncing seem like surgery. Your software
		is so unwieldy, it’d be easier to take up origami.
	<dt id="">nVidia and ATI</dt>
		A graphics card driver drives the screen. It does not include two context menus and a tray icon that
		<a href="http://www.xbitlabs.com/images/video/gf6800u-sli/SLI_capable_message.png" type="image/png">reminds
		you</a> that you don’t have an SLI configuration every time you boot. Your configuration options
		shouldn’t be so complex that I have to choose between a basic and advanced mode, both of which are as
		equally useless as each other.
	<dt id=""><a href="/art/aol">AOL</a></dt>
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