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The following was written by my wife Eve and republished here due to Posterous shutting down.

A New Chapter Has Been Started

My lovely man and I have celebrated our 6-month anniversary. Well, ‘celebrated’ may not be the right word. We noticed the anniversary and had a little walk down memory lane to how the relationship has deepened and changed over time.

I have never thought I'd find someone quite like him. Someone who completes me (yes, corny, I know — but so true). I remember one of our very earliest dates after I had finally accepted that what we had was never going to be just casual as feelings were involved already and there was nothing I could do to prevent it from becoming a real relationship (‘commitmentphobiac’ comes to mind). We were sitting in a pub and I couldn’t believe my ears when my man was voicing opinions on various topics that echoed mine closely. He couldn’t have known this so I ruled out him trying to impress me. As time progressed, I learned that this is him — that our respective opinions and outlook on life are matching nicely. In due time, I have also learned that we both share a love of God that we had kept hidden from each other at the beginning. It is all too easy to hide — but being open and true with each other requires bravery that many men would shy away from. Not this Man.

I believe he is my gift from God. I can see God’s guiding hand in this relationship. I can see how through this relationship both our personalities have had a chance to flourish, and we both started to become the people we were born to be. The years of loneliness that we both had experienced prior to the last six months have shaped us to be mere shadows of who God gave us the potential to be. Early on I realised that with this man, we could be so strong together — unbreakable even, if only we could synchronise our lives and ways completely.

So when he proposed last week, there was truly just one answer I could give him.

I had known for a while that I will be moving in March which was starting to stress me out — so much stuff to do, how will I travel to work, I need to get rid of lots of stuff, I will need to change the address for every single account online I have (there must be hundreds by now!), I will need to notify the electricity, water and gas providers; and not to forget — I must find a property that is both to my liking and within my budget… Now on top of that I have a wedding to plan and a life with my Man to prepare for. And compared to the stresses of ‘before the proposal’, I am almost perfectly calm. I know God will provide. He has made our relationship what it is today so I know He will guide us further. I trust Him fully to give us the flat we can make our first home. I trust He will show us the congreagation we’ll become part of and that He’ll help me settle into my travelling routine. Who knows, he may have even prepared a new job for me.

I am certain that He will make our paths straight if we put our trust in Him. It will not be trouble-free — but then, trouble-free is overrated. Who has ever learned a thing through having everything laid out nicely in front of them?