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The following was written by my wife Eve and republished here due to Posterous shutting down.

Action Plan 3: Exercise and Fitness

I will be very honest here. I detest exercise. I hate the gym, I hate moving, I would spend my life in bed if I was given half a chance. With an IV line of liquid chocolate.

Unfortunately, this is impossible. I am pretty sure the IV line itself would kill me before my lie-down lifestyle would.

So, being the rational and mature woman I am (o_O), I recognize the importance of movement in the human life. Our bodies have been made to move. They have been made to process natural foods. If you provide 80% or so of nutrition from wholesome, fresh, unprocessed sources (salads, veggies, juices, fruit, steamed protein, lean meats, pulses, and a limited amount of grains), plus when the body is moving as it has been designed to, then the body can deal with whatever else you may chuck at it. It can deal with alcohol, bad foods (as long as no more than 20% of food intake), pollution, and all kinds of awfulness you may decide to put it through.

Exercise is so individual that I don’t even want to go there but I will, for myself, for the motivation I am mostly lacking.

I am at a point where I have built up a little bit of stamina and strength, through gym and swimming. This is the only reason why I was able to cycle 11 miles the other day (not without a massive amount of complaining but still… I didn’t fall off my bike and die in some ditch in Worthing as originally expected, and surprisingly my muscles weren’t the tiniest bit sore the next day — my bum, however… >.<). Ok, I am proud of myself. For those who know me would testify that I have always avoided any kind of movement in my life — I once joined the gym with my friend back in Slovakia, only to go along with her and sit on one of the benches and exercise my tongue only by talking her to death. At a later point, I discovered the bench reclines so I had a nice lie down while she was doing press-ups… So it is an achievement for me to be able to swim 50 lengths in the pool (ok, it’s a tiny pool but still…) or cycle at all, or last longer than 15mins on a rebounder. The first time I bounced on the rebounder, I managed to do 1min 20 secs and was spent — it took me a long time to build this up. I know I am still pretty pathetic when compared to athletic people or hardcore gym-goers, but I rejoice in small victories.

Ideally, I would be walking everywhere this week, but I live on a mother of a hill which makes me want to cry when just thinking about it so I have to be realistic. I am still walking a lot, mainly at a crazy pace to keep my heartbeat up. I like yoga and pilates so I can do those, at the gym, studio or at home to DVDs. I enjoy rebounding and swimming. I have small free weights at home which are fun to use (if only I knew how to properly! Youtube time!). As long as I manage to do enough to get my muscles burning for a couple of hours a day, I think I will be fine.

I am not at a point where I can fear any plateaux — those come once your body is used to a certain level of exercise. My body definitely isn’t used to anything yet. And if I one day hit a plateau, I know what to do — cry — and speak to my gym-savvy friends. I still remember how Emma and I were baffled by a machine at the gym the other day, Emma going ‘Do I look like I am doing it right?’, me replying ‘You look like a pro to me — which doesn’t mean anything…’ — only to find out we had it quite wrong. Well, what doesn’t kill you, strengthens you, and I am sure she exercised some muscle that way. Silly man at the reception, asking me which machine we are miffed by — (‘the one that looks just like all the other ones in here’) before coming out and rescuing our face.

Cos when you’re at the gym, you gotta keep a face, innit?