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The following was written by my wife Eve and republished here due to Posterous shutting down.

And What For?

In the beginning, God created humans. He created them as companions, as friends to His Divine Self. He created them perfect and He created them free.

Humans refused to see they were truly free and went on and created all these little prisons for themselves, all the while screaming for freedom. They created idols which they worshipped, they strived for pleasures and securities that were temporary, they used every pathway possible to turn away from their Creator. They perverted His Holy Word, they put obstacles between themselves and Him, they thought they knew better. They rejected God, they turned Him away, and in the end they killed Him.

And what for? For THIS?

If I am sad at the way this world has turned out to be, just how is the Lord, Adonai, feeling about us?