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The following was written by my wife Eve and republished here due to Posterous shutting down.


It is day three and there is not much to report. I worked last night, so most of the day was spent sleeping. I also didn’t meet my friend as we have re-scheduled for Friday.

My detox symptoms seem to be easing up, with some niggly headache and earache still present, but no more sore throat, the white stuff disappeard from my tongue, my skin isn’t sore anymore. The more ways of elimination of toxins I can employ, the more the headache eases up. Therefore I have been drinking water all day, and going to the toilet a lot! But after every wee, the headache seems to go for a little bit — it has got to be related, right? RIGHT?! ;)

I watched two things on iplayer today — a documentary about Stephen Hawkins' Information Paradox Theory which was prety interesting, although I am not sure how we as humans benefit from knowing how black holes work — definitely interesting but it doesn’t feed the starving kids in Africa right? I like finding out about science, though, because — paradoxically? — it provides me with a proof and a beautiful picture of God’s amazing work. How can anyone say that science proves God doesn’t exist?

The second thing I watched on iplayer was The Grumpy Guide to food and it was absolutely briliant. Admittedly, maybe not the best thing to watch when you’d murder for a steak (and this is coming from someone who doesn’t even like meat that much!) or anything you could chew, really… anything savoury… with tomato sauce (not ketchup, please) on top, and cheese cheese cheese! Right, I digress. However, the GG to food was quite possibly the funniest thing I have seen for a while. Being a foreigner and oblivious to British TV (or any TV, really), I have no clue who half the people in the programme were but they were very funny.

It’s taken me right back to when my friend Kamila and myself found ourselves in a super fancy restaurant in the heart of London by accident, with all our expenses paid for. We drank some insane pink champagne, which cost twice the prize of a bottle for just one glass — but I lost count of how much things cost afterwards. We had starters which, in terms of portion size, wouldn’t be enough to feed my gerbil, and were eagerly anticipating the main course. When that arrived, we lost all composure. Kamila looked at my plate and said it looked like a turtle eye (which it kind of did — a round (!!) fillet of white fish with two circles of some yellow sauce painted around it, sitting destitutely on my plate, feeling sorry for itself), and that did it — we burst out laughing, to the complete horror on staff’s faces and absolute disgust of the high society clientele. You really cannot take me out anywhere, but I am grateful for being normal. Having worked for some honest-to-God stuck-up morons who have no clue about what real life is about, I would sooner die than become one of the posh crowd. But more on that later, if I feel self-destructive or bored and fancy a lawsuit to spice things up in my life a bit (breach of the confidentiality contract I signed).

But back to my detox. Very little exercise again, which is disappointing, but well… you try bouncing or swimming with a blasting headache, after a night shift (and I had a pretty bad finish to it by being told off by my boss.. he had a point but I don’t like criticism, and cannot take it very well… 20mins of why I handled a situation badly and all possible outcomes and scenarios, then ending with ‘apart from that, everything else is fine, have a good time off and forget about work’ and a smile). Anyway, don’t want to think about it right now.

I have weighed myself today and am pretty pleased with the results so far, taking into account that I have so far not really exercised much. Tomorrow, I have a one-hour personal plan session at the gym, and meeting Emma afterwards to have a good natter and a workout at the same time. I am hoping to go swimming afterwards but may just be that little too tired — I'll see how I go. And in the evening, my reward — Harry Potter in the cinema with my cousin. Happy days.