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The following was written by my wife Eve and republished here due to Posterous shutting down.


After stopping being so harsh on myself yesterday (a very commond theme in my life, it seems to be re-occurring regularly, with some variation — to keep things fresh), I am feeling a lot happier today.

I kicked the day off with some lemon water and green drinks, went to the gym and cycled like a woman possessed for 35mins. I needed the cardio, and to exercise a different group of leg muscles than on the rebounder. I am still quite sore from the gym the other day (I know, it’s been almost three days and still sore — maybe I won’t go for three hours next time!) so I really had to push myself. I have a personal training session tomorrow with a lady who looks like she isn’t going to take any crap from me (oh dear) so I needed to stop myself from finishing the hour. I think if I had completed the whole hour, I might have trouble walking tomorrow, let alone complete whatever gruelling routine she has in store for me. I saw her training a middle-aged man at the gym the other day, and he was almost in tears. I don’t blame him, I'd be scared, too. I WILL be scared. Tomorrow. :|

Surprisingly, I was soaked after just 15mins. I haven’t sweated this much last time, that much is for sure. I have no idea why I was sweating more than ever, but I hope it is a good thing. Either way, it would have got rid of loads of toxins in my skin. Any fat burned is a bonus.

I spoke to Matt at the gym who is a really nice guy and he talked me through supplements very briefly. This is an area which I am very poorly informed about and don’t quite know how to approach it, so I was very grateful for the guidance. I will give it a go but I don’t have high hopes. I'll see how I go but basically this thing I am going to try is a tablet form of supplement which should raise your core temperature so you burn more calories per workout. Sounds like witchcraft to me but hey. Will keep an open mind and see if there is any difference. Apparently, the side effect is that I will be feeling hot all the time — sounds like heaven to me! I had the gas fire on last week as I was so cold, and always sit here tightly wrapped in a blanket.

On the way back from the gym, I got a large apple, celery and lime juice from Guarana. It was disgusting, come on — celery juice? facepalm — and while I was at it, I also had a wheatgrass shot. There was this woman who has never had a wheatgrass shot before and she decided to have one — she LIKED it. Honestly, I hate my tastebuds sometimes.

I went past a beauty place and in the window, they were advertising a special offer — a half-hour neck and shoulder massage (through your clothes, sitting in a chair) for only 15quid. I thought ‘heck, I haven’t had a real massage for years’ and went in. I paid for my 30mins of bliss and relaxation, or so I thought. When I told the Thai ladies running the place that I haven’t actually had a massage for over five years, they decided to give me a special treat. Now, when someone mentions the words ‘special treat’, nice things get conjured up in my head, like candlelit dinner, cuddles and backrubs. I was taken down to the treatment room, was shown to a table and told to strip. Not the through-the-clothes experience I had in mind. But because they were so kind and lovely, I didn’t protest. I did, however, ask why not give me a massage on the chair and was told the table gives a better leverage for more heavy pressure. I knew I was in trouble then. Now, the lovely lady who was massaging me had a very limited command of the English language so there was little point telling her I had a punishing upper body workout only a couple of days ago and am still sore.

I guess I just had to grit my teeth and bear it. Oh, and bare it all, too. Not that I mind too much but it is very odd to have a stranger touch my bare skin. She started off by putting gentle pressure on my back, which was kind of nice and comforting, before hoisting herself up onto the table (I mean, come on, how scary is that?) and applying pressure to my back with her foot. Yep, the woman walked on me. Ok, not walked, but stood on me. I may be a large woman but this stuff is scary. I am not invincible and my back was letting out scary cracking noises and creaks. She then (I think) squatted on top of me and put all her body weight onto her hands and arms and pummelled me almost to a pulp. I definitely SHOULD HAVE told her about my workout. I am very proud of myself, though, because I didn’t once scream, whimper or cry. I did, however, smile to myself at the images that were coming to me throughout this experience — she was applying her body weight to my skull, and I just kept imagining what her facial expression would be if she actually cracked my cranium. So much for relaxation.

However, I have to say, I walked away a lot less tense which is fantastic.

I came home and am shattered now. I may have a kip for a couple of hours before I attack the tidying up. Or I may leave it till tomorrow — after all, this is my holiday. Right?