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The following was written by my wife Eve and republished here due to Posterous shutting down.


Not much to report from the last two days. Day 7 was spent clearing out stuff and putting it all into bags for the charity shops (I have six so far), and today was spent sitting on the toilet with an upset stomach (what? seven days of mostly-liquid diet and I get an upset stomahc on day eight??? where’s the logic in that?). Happy days!

On the upside, my man is back! Well, technically he is back, but back in Worthing (15 or so miles away fom me). So in reality I am just the same as all this week (i.e. home alone) but for whatever weird reason, I am feeling happier and more content. It’s strange but he felt a whole lot further away when he was on his holiday — in reality, it makes no difference to me whether he is in Worthing or in Ashby De La Zouch or on the Moon, but feelings are funny things! I so cannot wait to see him on Tuesday!


I have lost 4lbs altogether which isn’t bad but I was hoping for a lot more (10 at least but that was assuming i'd be sticking to my liquid food only which didn’t happen).

I have tried on my favourite pair of trousers and they are loose which is always a good thing.

My skin went from reasonable to really spotty on day 3, to really clear on day 5, to again semi-spotty today (but I think this time it is hormonal as it’s that time in my cycle).

My muscle tone is a little better but I bet I am be the only person who can tell! Just you wait, world, once I've lost another stone or two, you’ll see it, too!

The amazing thing that has improved dramatically is… my stamina, or endurance, as they call it at the gym. At the beginning of this week, I could manage to cycle continuously for maybe 30secs before my legs started to burn. After 4mins, I'd have a pause for 60sec, and carry on like that for a whole 15mins, taking frequent breaks. I had no problem cycling for 35 mins without a break the other day. My legs don’t start to burn until about 5–7mins into the cycling routine now (that is with the second peak of the interval training). I have increased all my weights on the machines this week, in fact doubled them all — these are weights I wouldn’t dream of lifting a week ago. I increased my repetitions from 8 to 15, and my sets from 2 to 3 on most of the exercises. I managed to lift free weights that I haven’t even tried before in my life! Now, my downfall has always been the Swiss balls — I have never had any balance and kept falling off them every time I tried to do some exercise. This time, my core muscles must be at their strongest (or maybe my arse is just too big to fall off them, I wonder…?) because I haven’t once fallen off the ball, and not even wobbled too much. I am pretty astonished, to say the least. I know the personal trainers tell you if you persevere, you get better at the exercises. But I have never stuck with exercise long enough to see any improvement, and now, within just one short week, I can see a massive change and am shocked! That is quite possibly the best motivation I could have.

And the most shocking thing I have learned this week is that I actually ENJOY the way my body moves. It calms me down, stops my mind from going at 100mph, and it is making me more aware of my muscles and body and everything physical that is me. I love the way it warms me up and wakes my senses up, and the first wave of sweat is just amazing. I can almost feel the lymphatic system pumping around my body. Please, please bear in mind this is coming from a convinced exercise and gym-hater! No one is more shocked at this change in attitude than me.

With this shift of attitude came acceptance. I would love to be super slim tomorrow, but I accept that it is going to take a lot longer to get there. I am looking forward to getting a lot more fit along the way, healthy and strong and focused on my goals. I am already a million miles away from what I was like in March (just going from my lounge to my kitchen, taking the three stairs in my hallway was making me breathless — that is how unfit and unhealthy I was, I must never forget that!). I know my goal of four months may not be realistic. But however long it takes, I will get there. Sooner or later, it will happen. And then I will treasure every stretch mark and look at the saggy skin (hopefully not too much of it, please God make it shrink) and be proud of what I have achieved. I am already content, somewhere deep down, because I know I am stronger than the silly urges to have a pizza or chocolate or a whole packet of Pringles. I am stronger than to give up now. Quitting is not an option for me, not now and not in the future.