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The following was written by my wife Eve and republished here due to Posterous shutting down.


Most people who know me are aware that I hate inconsistencies, and am a bit of a stickler for rules. I know, I need to get a life (but real adult life is soooooooo boooooooooooring…).

However, sometimes inconsistencies do occur and they prompt me to start digging deep and thoroughly to find an explanation (‘But twelve years ago, you told me something else, were you lying to me then or are you lying now? I need to know the truth!’ accompanied by a manic facial expression). So when I realized that I have left the omission of day 9 unexplained, I had a quick anxiety attack and decided to post this. Inconsistencies must be avoided. At. All. Cost.

The reason why I wrote my summary for the nine-day detox on day 8 is that I knew day 9 was going to be super busy, spent running errands, household chores and preparing myself mentally for the epic return of my man from holiday (oh how I am tempted to put this in capitals…). It was also likely to be a day that wasn’t going to be very exciting, and no major changes were going to happen when compared to the previous day. I know detoxing is amazing, but nothing is quite THAT amazing.

I also knew that I was going to be tired on day 9 and unable to string two words together, and then seeing my very much missed boyfriend the next day (whom I haven’t seen for two weeks!), so the next opportunity to write a summary would present itself two days after the finish of the detox — I would have forgotten half of the stuff I wanted to write by then. There you have it.

So all in all, day 9 was a productive day that flew by — I ran everything I had cleared out to the charity shop down the road, ran my errands, tidied up a bit, drank some smoothies and juices, and exercised a little. The bonus came in the evening, when my SO came to mine (yes, 12 or so hours early! yay!). Forget the weight loss, the clearer skin, the decluttering, and the general sense of wellbeing I got from this 9-day exercise. Seeing him walk in was my reward. And no, I didn’t do a silly dance (but only just).