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This is an abandoned project, now made publicly available and free for anybody to use, adapt and share. If you use parts of Darkcraft in your own map, you must include the message “made with parts of Darkcraft by Kroc Camen” in your readme file, if included, and as a wooden-sign in-game, either at the beginning or end of the game.

Drakcraft: Seal of the Great Lake

Darkcraft is my attempt at a Minecraft adventure map. It is inspired by the fantastic visual design done in The VictoriaVille Insane Aslyum and the excellent puzzle design in the Escapecraft series 1, 2, 3 however it takes its own unique approach to design and gameplay.

This is an incomplete map, missing large sections. Do not download Darkcraft unless you are:

Since the map is incomplete you will need to read this whole post, which details the workings of the game. If you are only interested in playing a polished, complete map please stop reading now (spoilers ahead).


This map is designed to work with most texture packs, but has been designed around Eld’s for optimum viewing.

Download Darkcraft: Seal of the Great Lake (4.9 MB)

Dev Guide

This is a “walkthrough” of sorts that details what has been done and ideas for incomplete sections.

The Great Lake

You begin at the temple ruins in the centre of the lake

The player could perhaps start at the lake shore and I could build a small dock as a starting place. There’s no other entities above ground and no secrets to be found, so I want to discourage the player going walkabout since there will be monsters up here. They need to make their way to the lake temple entrance.

Plunge Pool

The player falls down the hole into a pool in a room deep underground. This room is an introduction to the player that this is a puzzle / adventure game, and that a basic understanding of Minecraft mechanics are required.

Prison Cells

The game was originally designed so that when you died, you would spawn in the prison cells. Unfortunately, notch “fixed” the ability to spawn below layer 64 so now the player spawns up at the temple entrance. I have had to reroute the player so that they go through the prison room each time they enter the temple.

This game features a unique checkpoint save system. At the end of each level, you flip a switch to open a door, which activates a control line that runs to a circuit above the prison cells. When you die, and return to the prison cells this causes dispensers to give you back the equipment you had earned before! The diamond block on the floor and the sign “Payment upon death” are indicators to this. We’ll get to the checkpoint areas later.

Main Room

This game is heavily influenced by Zelda games, where dungeons are usually designed around a central room that you cross many times, opening new paths as you gain more equipment. This room consists of a tall obsidian tower with a moat of lava and various bridges coming into and out of the tower.

The stairs going up at the end of the prison cells lead to the checkpoint rooms and bridges. You cannot enter those yet. When you complete each “level” in the game and win a prize item, you go over the bridges and into the checkpoint room where you can open the doors, so that should you die, you can then just walk up the stairs from the prison cells and return to where you were before!

For now, please refrain from entering any wooden doors into service areas. The wooden doors are there to provide access to the circuitry and to get to rooms in an order you usually can’t. To avoid massively spoiling the game for yourself, please play through once without accessing the service areas. You can look at those afterwards to get an idea of how it was all done.

The entrance to Level 1 is at the floor, to the left of the obsidian tower.

Door Puzzle Room (Lower)

This is just a corridor (which needs some decoration) which leads to the second puzzle (and the first in Level 1). You will arrive overhead after completing this puzzle, so for now please do not use the ladder, which is provided only to skip the puzzle, and will not be there in the final game. Proceed through the locked door into the water jump room.

Water Jump Room

This is a simple puzzle to test your jumping skills and to teach you the type of jumps Steve is capable of.

Door Puzzle Room (Upper) — Incomplete

This room is supposed to be a matrix of small rooms that act somewhat like a lights-out puzzle. However, after a few iterations and several rewirings, the concept is still not right and at this time impractical.

What is planned is to re do this puzzle so that pushing the button in the centre of each room only opens (or closes) a particular door in some other room (rather than reversing all doors). This should allow for a puzzle that presents a challenge.

Level 1 Prize Room

Walk over the bridge to enter the obsidian tower. Inside the tower is a chest containing a piece of equipment that you will require in future, more difficult puzzles.

Level 1 Checkpoint

You have completed level 1. Flipping the switch to the right opens the double doors (allowing access back downstairs to the main room), as well as enabling the drop of a fishing rod into the prison cell, should you die.

Level 2 — Incomplete

What follows now has nothing to do with the final game. It is merely a tunnel that takes you through where Level 2 will be once built. Level 2 will consist of a variety of puzzles that utilise the fishing rod (which can be used as a pseudo-hookshot). When you complete Level 2, you will obviously come out at the bridge one floor up to receive the prize.

Level 2 Prize Room

At the moment, you are given a bow and arrows. However, this may not be final, since dispensers cannot “drop” arrows (they fire them), there’s no elegant and controlled way to give you ammo again should you die. I could provide a chest in each room that requires arrows, but I find that a bit ugly.

Alternatives could be that you are given a sword and armour, or torches, for solving light based puzzles and nullifying spawn cages.

Level 2 Checkpoint

As before, the checkpoint opens the doors and enables the prison cell to drop a bow. I will require the user to open the checkpoint in order to continue into the next room, which doesn’t have a door yet fixed.

The Grand Foyer

This is the first room in level 3. There is no puzzle here at the moment, but it may involve having to flip four switches on each side of the room.

Due to the roof falling in on one side and the floor collapsing on the other, you cannot simply walk around the top floor to get to the exit, you have to drop down into the foyer with all the mobs! (At the moment, there is a way to avoid this, but the intention is that this would be blocked up once the game is complete)

Zombie Paintings

Unfortunately, this room is a bit of a failure and may have to be removed :(

The idea is that mobs should come out of the paintings! I have set up hidden passages behind the paintings and mob-spawners hidden behind the walls. I tried with doors first that opened when you entered the room, but the zombies got stuck on the doors. I've switched to using signs, but the zombies don’t seem to be forthwith with walking through them. I've tried a stepped exit so that the zombies can only walk forward, but also no success. If anybody is able to get this room to reliably cause mobs to exit through the paintings when you’re in the room, it would be greatly appreciated (one posibility is to use water).

Level 3 - Under Construction

The middle section of level 3 is missing, and is replaced by a simple tunnel to cover the distance. There is a long way to walk, so a number of puzzles will have to fit in here. After the zombie paintings room, my plan is that there will be a room that requires you to shoot down four large paintings hanging on the walls to open the door.

I would also like several rooms that arm the player with torches and requires them to battle mobs and nullify their spawn cages in various configurations. This however, may go into level 2 instead.

The Lava Run

Possibly my favourite room. This took some time to construct and test. When you enter the room, there is nothing but a void ahead of you and some water (squids tend to spawn in here).

After a few seconds, the ceiling begins falling in and lava pours down! You had better run like heck!

A pathway is cut through the sand so that as the lava reaches your head, you can stop on a safe spot and continue the rest as a maze with lava walls!

I think the lava run needs to be a bit shorter so that it is less of a nuisence if you die and have to do it again, and so that if you’re really really quick off the mark, you could reach the end safely just as the lava settles.

Level 3 Checkpoint

In a break from tradition, you find yourself in the level 3 checkpoint room, instead of going over the bridge first, to get to the checkpoint. Ahead of you lies a bridge and the final prize inside the obsidian tower. However, there is no bridge out the other side. This is a one-way journey.

It is here that I am tied to secrecy. Discovering the ending is up to you. :) It’s better than anything in the rest of the game. Try not to die :) You may want to switch to peaceful if it gets too hectic (I need feedback on difficulty).


I’ve run out of steam on this. Notch has “fixed” a number of things that I was relying on when I designed this. Stair lights are used throughout to give ambient lighting (and to prevent mobs spawning) without having to cover every square inch of the level in torches. Since stair lights can no longer be placed in-game (I’ll have to edit them in with MCEdit), this is going to slow me down and is rather disappointing. I may have to wait until the additions of lanterns, or better options for adventure maps.

Mob spawning is unreliable and cannot be limited to just what you want. How I wish there was an option to not spawn any mobs in the dark, except for mob cages. That way I could control exactly who spawns and where. In the areas that are dark, all sorts of extras can spawn, making the game extra difficult. I am still troubled as to how to balance the difficulty of the game. Certainly the player will have to be armed with a diamond sword and armour, but I have not yet incorporated this into the checkpoint system.

There are large areas left to fill in (all of level 2 and much of level 3), so I’m publishing what I have in order to get some feedback and hopefully some help in finishing it off (if it’s worthy).

This is an abandoned project, now made publicly available and free for anybody to use, adapt and share. If you use parts of Darkcraft in your own map, you must include the message “made with parts of Darkcraft by Kroc Camen” in your readme file, if included, and as a wooden-sign in-game, either at the beginning or end of the game.