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The Word to End All Words

Like a black monolith you stand.
Thy fearful symmetry.

Upon you is engraved a single word; a magic word,
More powerful than the utterance of Jadis, the queen of Charn,
who ended all life in her world by the Deplorable Word.

It is a word they do not understand.
From birth they have not known it.
It has not been taught, and neither has it been searched for.

By your word kingdoms have been flattened,
Dynasties felled, endless wars begun.
Lives torn apart and thrown asunder.

They do not know how to comprehend it.
It confuses them, frustrates them.
They bash against you, enraged at your silence.

Why do you not respond!?

But you do not respond.
Your silence causes all their machinations to fall apart;
The noise their livelihoods have come to depend upon.

When your silence has drowned out their noise,
Then peace and quiet will ring out everywhere.
For you are the word to end all words: No.