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# Etiquette #

In the corner, she sits. _
Her wide-rimmed glasses hung around her neck. _
Her steely-eyed gaze, fixed _
As from the china I sip.

"Pinky out!" she reprises. _
Knowing that it must be drummed in to you. _
Like forks of different sizes _
When just one would do.

	† "The quality of having an excessively high opinion of oneself or one's importance"

I am told 'Silence is Golden'; _
One wonders if politeness is one-sided, _
For I’m no part of this conversation _
On matters prided.<sup>†</sup>

	‡ "A disease of women, characterised by fits of the nervous
	system." _(<source (//>)_

Who died and made her queen? _
Profound rightful heiress to all matters esoteric. _
Her subjects go unheard, but seen _
Under laws dreamt up by those hysteric.<sup>‡</sup>

	* To "look for and criticize small or insignificant faults or errors; nitpick." ~New Oxford American dictionary~

She has me picking at nits,<sup>*</sup> _
Tied up in strings, like her marionette. _
In the corner, she sits _
Lady Etiquette.

* * *

((With thanks to Clint V Franklin for helping me formulate stanzas 3 & 4, and generally finishing the poem off. I’ve been working on this in some form since November 2009.))