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Code Is Art; My Philosophy and the Things I’ve Made With It

On the 23rd of February 2012, I gave a talk at a local event called Worthing Digital entitled “Code is Art; My Philosophy and the Things I’ve Made With It”. The talk covers the principles behind this website and the work I do, before going on to demonstrate some of my products, including Video for Everybody, ReMarkable and NoNonsense Forum.

My thanks goes to @fordie for organising Worthing Digital and Fresh Egg for kindly hosting the event, laying on free beers and videoing the talk; all I had to do was turn up and speak.

The video is presented below, or can be viewed on YouTube.

These are the slides for reference, though the font has changed for some reason.
An original copy of the slides are attached as a PDF to this article.

Details of future Worthing Digital events can be found on the website.

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