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	The following was written by my wife Eve and republished here due to Posterous shutting down.
<h1>Action Plan 1: Nutrition</h1>
	<strong>Quite possibly the easiest yet the most important part of my weight loss.</strong> The stuff I eat isn’t
	half bad, or at least wouldn’t be if I was slim (when fat, you have got to be very careful as to what you eat,
	otherwise you won’t shift it, even with what would be a balanced diet for a slim person!). However, my eating
	habits aren’t very good. Sure, they are not appaling like they used to be but still I struggle with some of the
	most basic things.
	Of course, I know all about the starvation mode. I know that if the body thinks there is a famine round the corner,
	it will store fats for emergency fuel reserves. In order to stop the body thinking there is a lack of food, you must
	eat often. KNOWING this doesn’t mean DOING it and I struggle with it at best of times. I don’t do little and
	often, but rather masses and sparsely (I am a person of extremes to a certain extent). These nine days and the
	liquid-based foods I will be consuming will give me the perfect opportunity toget my body used to a steady supply of
	nutrients, so it releases its grip on emergency fat reserves.
	I want my body to shift the fat, yes, but the more important thing for me to achieve is for all the systems to be
	repaired and healed. I have abused my body for so long that it needs some good old-fashioned TLC. If I go ‘on a
	diet’, this won’t happen. Most people who ‘go on a diet’ will try to restrict their food intake and increase
	their exercise. This may shift flab but it also exhausts the body so as opposed to ‘going on a diet’, I am
	‘changing my diet’ completely by giving it an overhaul. In fact, I will be consuming a lot more calories than
	the recommended intake these nine days, and beyond. This is why I don’t believe all calories are created equal,
	and I positively detest calorie-counting based diets, as they are wrong and misleading. There is a massive
	difference in consuming 100 calories from white sugar as opposed to 100 calories from an apple. Hence why I am not
	worried about consuming ridiculous amounts of calories, because they are all coming from fresh, raw, live sources.
	The calorie content won’t tell you about the vitamins, minerals, micronutrients, live enzymes, phytonutrients etc
	that you are consuming. The only way for my body to have the best chance at repairing itself is to furnish it with
	the best possible nutrition, give it a break from digestion (the biggest thief of energy from foods), and cleanse it
	from within to ensure it can focus all energy on repairing tissues, healing the systems, and getting things back to
	So, enough theory. In practical terms this means that I will juice all my fruit and vegetables, with a few
	berries/avocados thrown in whole for fibre and texture. All nutrition during this detox will be coming from fresh,
	raw, mostly organic, live foods. The only thing that is not a fruit or a vegetable that I will be adding to my
	smoothies is nuts and live yoghurt. These wil also be blended in, so I am not expecting to have any use for my teeth
	at all during these nine days! All the energy that has been freed from digestion can then be directed at different
	kinds of cellular activity. Repair, healing, renewal, energising — these are the things I am looking for and
	looking forward to. The live enzymes that are contained in my fruit and veg will have pre-digested my food already,
	and by removing the fibre (which is nutritionally devoid of anything the body could use — the only thing it does
	is, ahem, get things moving, if you get my drift), I am saving my teeth, mouth, stomach and intestines all the hard
	I am expecting to feel slight to moderate symptoms of detoxing which hopefully will be gone by day three. What I
	will be finding hard to resist is the smell of cooked foods when I walk through town, the texture of actually
	chewing something, but I know from experience that the hardest bit is the cold drinks. All fruit and veg juices are
	at their best when they are chilled — they taste amazing then, but also blending them with ice slows down the
	oxidization process. The problem is, I am naturally freezing cold at the best of times (here is where my fuzzy hairy
	man comes in really handy, like a big teddy, and he is hot hot hot — and I don’t mean just sexy, but his body is
	lovely and warm, at all times… what is it with men? They rarely get cold. And specifically my manboy is like my
	personal heater. I love it, when on the special occasions that he stays overnight, upon coming back to bed from
	going to the toilet, I wrap myself in his arms and nestle close to him, and make him gasp at the cold feet or hands
	that touch his body. But I digress…), so drinking ice cold drinks all day is going to make me wear a hoodie all
	day long. I know I will miss warm foods, and I may gently heat a juice or two just for the variety.
	Every day, I wil start the day with a big glass of lukewarm water with lemon or lime in it, to kickstart my
	metabolism. I don’t drink coffee, but when I used to, it never gave me a kick as strong as lemon water does. I
	hate mornings, I don’t do mornings, I don’t like getting up and out of bed. Lemon water kicks me out of bed
	faster than a bee sting would (well, so I think at least — I don’t wish to put this to the test). After this,
	some stretches, and 30+mins of sweat-inducing exercise. This is likely to be some rebounding to quality music, or
	dancing (don’t worry — in the privacy of my living room, away from preying eyes!). More stretches and off to
	make my first smoothie of the day. Apple. pineapple, spinach, cucumber, kale, beetroot, ginger, avocado and whatever
	else the fridge yields :), with a healthy dose of probiotics and green grass powder thrown into the mix. In the next
	couple of hours, about 2litres of green drink are consumed. This is simply grass powder in alkaline water, making a
	super nutritious drink that is low in sugar (and taste, yes — I won’t lie, but at least it is not disgusting to
	consume, well unless you cannot get past the fact that it looks like a murky, green algae stagnant water. If this is
	the case, put it in an aluminium bottle — then you cannot see what it looks like!). I make alkaline water in
	different ways. I have an ionizer which produces the strongest alkaline water, with minimum taste disruption — but
	you can get similar result from adding bicarb of soda into the water you drink. I personally cannot hack the taste,
	I used to live in an area with Artesian springs (I know! lucky me!), where I had the chance to go and fill up my
	bottles for free (!!!), as often as I needed to — but I just hated the taste beyond belief, so I know the bicarb
	way of alkalizing water is not for me. I either ionize the water in the machine or add alkalizing drops which
	don’t really alter the taste too much. At lunchtime, more exercise — about 30mins again, just before having
	another smoothie. I may make a richer one with a dollop of yoghurt and some berries, but again, I need to go easy on
	the supersweet stuff. Yes, fruit sugar spikes your blood sugar just like white sugar, white carbs, or processed
	juices. The best way to avoid this is through dilution with water or ice, and by mixing fruit juice with vegetable
	juice (be careful what you mix, though, not all fruit goes with all veg, and some mixtures can be
	counterproductive… let alone the fact that some combinations make me feel sick just thinking of them, like
	courgette and strawberry smoothie for example. Just how wrong is that!). Time for some rest for the bloodstream to
	run all the nutrients to their expected destinations, and time for some me-time (yay!!!). I will have two more rich
	drinks throughout the day — one juice (not a smoothie, just juice) in the afternoon as snack, and then a last
	smoothie about 2-3 hrs before bed. Inbetween these rich drinks, I will be drinking green drinks. The aim s to get
	6-8litres of fluids into my system, so that my body can let go of water weight. The body retains water weight when
	it isn’t getting enough water, very much like the starvation mode for fats.
	<br /><br />
	A normal day in terms of nutrition/food intake and exercise looks a bit like this:
		<p>7am big glass of lemon water</p>
		<p>7.15am-8am exercise</p>
		<p>8.30am smoothie</p>
		<p>11.30am-12pm exercise</p>
		<p>12.30pm smoothie</p>
		<p>1pm - 3.30pm R&amp;R / me-time</p>
		<p>4pm juice</p>
		<p>6pm - 7pm exercise</p>
		<p>7.30pm smoothie</p>
		<p>10pm bedtime</p>
	It is highly likely that while I am experiencing detox symptoms, my body will need to rest more so the above is just
	a guideline. It may be that the me-time is going to be spent sleeping the first few days. Also, I am working a night
	shift on Monday and Saturday so the above goes right out the window as I will be having my smoothies throughout the
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