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The following was written by my wife Eve and republished here due to Posterous shutting down.


# Letter to my 18-year-old self #

*I came to write this letter to you because I have been where you are right now.*
I am you and yet I am different. I want to tell you things you don't yet know or understand. I want you to be happy.

*	Stop fretting over things that don't matter. if you have too much time, do more for the good of others.

*	You are *not* fat. There will come a day when you get fat and then you will finally see just how well and healthy
	you were and how you didn't need to stress over unimportant things.

*	You are *not* hideous. God doesn't make hideous things. It is vanity to agonise over your looks -- you could do
	something better with your time and energy. Do grow your hair long -- you'll feel more in touch with your inner

*	You are *not* unlikeable. You have lots of friends who find you likeable. Even some men have found you likeable.
	There will be boyfriends to come who will be proofs to the fact that you are, in fact, very much likeable.
	The ultimate proof will come when you are 29 and when you get married. Your Man will like you so much that he will
	want to link his life with yours, forever.

*	Listen to the people who matter to you -- the ones who love you only want the best for you. Do as your mother tells
	you. Treasure your family and your friends. Love your church. Speak more with your pastor and with the strong women
	in your church. Learn from their example. Stop trying so hard to please everyone -- you won't succeed, so you might
	as well stop wasting precious energy on something that is futile.

*	Don't be so desperate to get away from everyone. One day you will look back and see how precious the people who you
	wanted to distance yourself from really were.

*	Pray. Learn to depend on the Lord. It will be harder to learn as you get older. Keep your eyes on the prize.
	Love the Lord first and your neighbours next.

*	Stop and think before you start dating anyone. You may think it a good idea but in ten years' time, you'll wish
	desperately you hadn't. Don't fall in love with the guy's love for you -- it is a poor foundation for a
	relationship and it won't hold for long.

*	Don't compromise. Keep firmly to your beliefs and your values and your morals. If you don't, you'll feel violated
	and like a fraud. You will go back to sticking with what's right, but wish you hadn't made a detour.
	You don't wantto look back and cringe inwardly at the memory of your past choices.

*	Love yourself the way you love others. Be kinder to yourself.

*	And lastly, let go of things. Ultimately, nothing matters much in this life, apart from your love for the Lord.