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	The following was written by my wife Eve and republished here due to Posterous shutting down.
<h1>Ode to Friendship</h1>
	<strong>Jenny. I met you a year ago. I thought you were the bee’s knees. You became a very good friend, one of the
	best.</strong> We spent so much time together. We clicked so fast it felt almost too good to be true (it probably
	was). Now you have unfriended me, you stopped answering my texts, you emailed me to leave you alone. I have no idea
	what I have done wrong. I still love you, and always will. You have blocked my number now so you have no way of
	knowing that I care. Even when you don’t want to know me anymore, even when you chase me out of your life, even if
	you stopped caring a while ago.
	So thank you, Jenny. You have done me a favour and opened my eyes. I know there will always be people out there who
	are on the same wavelength as me. When our paths cross, we become friends. But in order to stay friends, you have to
	nurture that friendship. You have to tell your friends just how precious and important they are to you. Too often we
	put too much emphasis on what we can get out of this friendship but how often have I thought ‘what can I do for
	this person?’. Not very, if I am to be honest.
	It doesn’t take much time or effort to let your friends know you love them. Yet it can make the world of a
	difference to your life. I know it has done to mine. I decided to spend more time letting my friends and loved ones
	know how special they are to me. This is now turning out to be quite possibly the most brilliant decision of this
	year. Not expecting a reply or a return of any kind, and yet letting someone know you love them is one of the most
	liberating, soul-orgasm-inducing things I know.
	Jenny, you have cut me out of your life so perfectly, so spectacularly, that I cannot let you know that I am right
	here. I am fully behind you, whatever you decide to do with your life. Yes, here, on the sidelines, cheering you on
	with a mad grin. I hope anything you touch turns to great things. I hope your life turns out fantastically well. I
	hope you find the serenity and peace that everyone desires. I hope you find happiness. I hope you stay true to
	yourself because then I know you’ll be alright.
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